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Facts, Not Fears

Pesticide Residue Calculator

Scientists and health experts overwhelmingly agree that the mere presence of pesticide residues on food does not mean they are harmful.

Health experts and scientists say produce, grown either conventionally or organically, is safe to eat for you and your children. Not only are conventionally and organically grown fruits and vegetables safe and nutritious, Americans should be consuming more of these, not less, if they hope to reduce their risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

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When considering the safety of any substance, it is important to understand what is known as a "dose-response relationship." This means that almost every substance — even water or oxygen — can be toxic at some level. For every product there is a point, or a dose level, that will not produce a response in a living organism. In the world of pesticide regulation, that point is called the No Observed Adverse Effect Level.

The United States Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Data Program has been in existence for nearly twenty years and is designed to continually measure pesticide residues on food to ensure they are safe to eat by any age group — especially children — over a long period of time.

A man could consume


servings of apples in one day

without any effect even if the apples have the highest pesticide residue recorded for apples by USDA.

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